About us Ahlmark lines


Ahlmark Lines A.-B. is a fully owned subsidiary of  O.F. Ahlmark & Co Eftr AB, one of the largest companies in the region, operating in businesses such as shipping, commerce and industry. The Group has over 1,500 employees throughout Europe and SEK 3 billion in revenue in 2016.

Ahlmark Lines’ subsidiaries include Ahlmark Shipping UK, Euroforest, Scan Unit, Jönsson Nova, companies with operations linked in various ways to commerce, port services and logistics.

More than just shipping

Ahlmark Lines AB is more than just shipping. We have strong ownership interests in a number of subsidiaries with activities linked to areas such as commerce, port services and logistics. The largest are Scanunit, Jönsson Nova Logistics and the British Euroforest.

Jönsson Novabolagen AB

Jönsson Novabolagen AB, a full service logistics company offering efficient door to door cargo handling, was acquired in 2012. The company, which was founded in 1933, is located in Norrköping and Karlshamn and operates in Europe and worldwide.

Jönsson Novabolagen works as shipbrokers, chartering contracts worldwide. The company also act as port agents for ships in several port as well as with forwarding assignments, storage, customs clearance and document handling. They also work connecting cargo to or from sea with rail or road transport.

Their customers can be found in the retail sector and in the forestry, steel and recycling industries.


Scanunit is one of Scandinavias leading suppliers of lifting and maintenance solutions for shipping and industry. The company offers steel, welding and finishing services as well as extensive expertise in various forms of inspection and test loading.

With roots in the Broström shipping company, Scanunit has more than 50 years of experience in shipping and industrial maintenance. What began with simple maintenance and repair work on a small scale now is a substantial business serving customers throughout Scandinavia.

The company’s base operations include cleaning, sandblasting and painting of, for example, engine rooms, tanks and hulls. The company additionally offers advanced welding, assembly, repair and service to both the maritime and industrial sectors. 


Euroforest Ltd is the UK’s largest independent supplier of harvesting and marketing services in the forestry sector. The company serves both large and small forest owners throughout the UK mainland with tailored solutions for timber handling.

Euroforest takes responsibility for the entire processing chain, from harvesting, collection and transport to trading wood and further processed biomaterials with customers in Scandinavia and the rest of Northern Europe.

Euroforest’s clients include forest owners of all sizes as well as leading land developers and investment companies.

Since its founding in 1991, Euroforest has grown from a modest business to a timber company that now harvests in excess of 2.1 million m3 of timber yearly.