Working with improving the quality of our services and reducing our environmental footprint is part of our daily business. Ahlmark Lines is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Unbeatable environmental benefits

High quality shipments with the least possible environmental impact is what we aim for every day in our operations.

Conveying goods by ship is an energy efficient mode of transport. The specific energy consumption for a normal-sized vessel is 0.05 kWh/ton kilometers, which can be compared with 0.26 kWh/ton kilometers for a truck and trailer.

This means that on just 15 litres of low sulphur fuel, we can transport 3,000 tons of cargo an entire kilometer. If 120 trucks with trailers transported the same amount of cargo the same distance, they would need 60 litres of fuel.

Moving cargo from vehicle to ship also reduces congestion on our roads as well as the need for new road infrastructure. Of course, it also reduces traffic accidents and noise.

At Ahlmark Lines we work hard every day to meet the demands from both the market and the authorities for an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way of transport.